Above O

Misson Statement : 

We aim to educate children 8-12, on the effects of opioids to the human brain and body. In order to try and prevent opioid addition at a young age and for the future. The goal is to inform the youth about alternatives and engage them to look towards the life highs, which include sports, creativity, socializing and more. Above O is here to tell the young to “Hold on to the life high.”

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Using brand ID’s and touch-points to create a family friendly brand. The goal is to inform a younger audience about opioids and opioid addiction. Together the brand must inform a wide audience, while not being to intimidating, which will drive the viewer away.

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About the Team

The team was comprised of five designers Sylvia Jackson, Nick Salter, Sean Dumont, Lu Liu, and myself. Within the team my position was team leader and website designer. The tasks given to me was to ensure that the team was on track with brand assets and the web design was a valid source for viewers to visit. 

Team Time Line

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The Above O Brand 

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Above O utilizes two typefaces, one being Nunito and the other Montserrat. 

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Color Palette 



Brand Guide Line 


Brand Assets

First Step Video


The Website

Creating connections to the users via website. The Above O website is used as a secondary source for visitors to learn more about the affects of opioids on the brain. Along with allowing the visitors to learn more about opioids after the first contact with the video.