Ux Design

What is UX design? Ux is a process to redevelop and re-engage the way that we see and use technology. Using a connection of devices to create a better experience for the future, through the power of user testing and revision; to change the way that Ux design can be seen and experienced by the world.  

iphone8 Mockup 001.png

Pantone AR (Mobile Collaboration)

Imagining an AR experience for upcoming designers. Pantone AR is a mobile app allowing creatives to capture the colors around them that inspire them on the daily. This app was a collabrative piece created with fellow student designer Marina Rosi. 



Who's Candy? (Utilizing voice technology) 

Creating a voice interactive experience using smart voice technology that is provided through the Amazon Alexa devices. Who's Candy? Is a trivia game aimed to embrace the world of candy and test your candy knowledge. A game inviting users of all ages to join in on this trivia challenge. 

iphone8 Mockup 001.jpg

Aura (Multi-Module product) 

Aura is a multi-module product that is able to help determine the ideal cup of tea for its user. Connected through 4 different devices, the aim was to envision the future for tea and technological possibilities for smart products. Aura is a smart tea infuser aimed at teaching the user about the affects of tea while ensuring that the user is getting what they want in the end. 


Grumble (Mobile App) 

Creating a connection to the world of food. Grumble is a foodie finder service with the ability to crowd source reservation to nearby restaurants for fellow foodies to join in and have a meal together. As a mobile app the goal was to ensure that the user would be able to connect to other foodies around them and make a new friend or partner. 


Pandora Vinyl (Re-invisioning a brand) 

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