Project Overview :

Tasked with designing and developing an Alexa voice interface skill for the Amazon Echo. The skill can embrace any aspect of a voice skill ranging from recipe skills, trivia skills, a decision tree, and a facts skill. 

Create a game that will engage an audience of all ages to participate, using the smart voice technology that is provided through the Amazon Alexa devices. The game needs to be fun and engaging for the participant to continue playing. 

Goals : 

1. By creating a unique trivia game with the intent to branch into a new trivia field and increase the age of user participation, created using the voice technology provided by the amazon echo dot. 

2. The goal of the player is to gain the most points to compete with their friends. “Test their candy knowledge.”

3. Make a skill that is enjoyable for players of all ages, and is unique to the world of trivia. 


Understanding the Ecosystem


Surveying the field



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